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"A true emotional experience that ranks in dramatic impact with films like 12 O’Clock High and All Quiet on the Western Front"

Air Progress on Pistol Packin' Mama: Missions of a B-17

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Praise for the American Hero Film Series

There is nothing sanitized about these films. The interviews are powerful because the people doing the talking are our neighbors.

Star Tribune

A profound bit of moviemaking that draws the viewer directly into the very soul of a wartime B-17 bomber crew.

Air Progress

Impressively produced and edited. [The results are] totally unlike the routine ‘I was there documentary.

St. Paul Pioneer Press

An excellent piece of oral history.

Library Journal

Masterful film

Don Miller, author of Masters of the Air

One of the very best . . . an emotionally moving film

M. Paul Holsinger, editor of the book War and American Popular Culture


About the Series

The American Hero film series offers a legacy for the 21st Century, an epitaph of truth told by those who were there. We know that their evidence, presented with absolutely authentic film, still photographs, and personal memorabilia is riveting to young and old alike. Instead of seeing old men bearing old wounds and campaign medals, they see and hear a truth that brings rapt attention, tears, and a desire to know what this legendary time was all about.

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