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Pistol Packin Mama': Missions of a B-17

With stunning combat film and personal photos, this is how it was battling fighters and flak 25,000 feet above Hitler’s Third Reich.

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In Pistol Packin' Mama: Missions of a B-17, five crew members of Betty Boop/Pistol Packin' Mama relate what it was like in the grim early days of daylight bombing. Members of the 390th Bomb Group, they led their sqaudron, their group, and sometimes the entire 8th Air Force into action. The life of a bomber crewman is described here as never before... the strain and cold, the fear, the sense of death and loss, the bond of camaraderie. 

Air Progress writes, "There’s a very distinct reason this video was voted the Best 1991 Documentary at the New York and Houston film festivals. Putting it simply, it’s a profound bit of moviemaking that draws the viewer directly into the very soul of a wartime B-17 bomber crew." And "more than just a vivid documentary, Pistol Packin’ Mama is a true emotional experience that ranks in dramatic impact with feature films like 12 O’Clock High and All Quiet on the Western Front.”
Pistol Packin' Mama is the third film in the American Hero World War 2 documentary series, the critically acclaimed winner of over 10 prestigious awards. The Star Tribune calls the interviews "powerful" and says, "there is nothing sanitized about these documentaries." The Pioneer Press says, "Impressively produced and edited. [The results are] totally unlike the routine ‘I was there documentary.’"